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The Great Journey

From Holland to Manchester


Bavaria is a great beer that has been building a following in supermarkets and convenience stores across the UK. It was time to give this great Dutch beer a starring role and launch it on-trade for the first time in the UK for 300 years. 


Bavaria is still brewed independently in Holland by the Swinkels family, rather than being brewed under license in the UK like some other continental beers. We wanted to highlight the care that goes into every single pint by following the journey of the beer from Holland to Manchester. Element_LGrey Stop Line.
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All of the bars that participated in the launch not only hit their targets, but they all, without exception, exceeded it. We proved that Bavaria has what it takes to become one of the UKs favourite on-trade beers.  

sales targets

Participating bars reported Bavaria sales exceeded between 50% and 150% of the expected target.


11 pieces of secured coverage reaching over 5.5 million monthly unique visitors.



9 million impressions through city-wide billboard advertising.


Delivering over 12.5 million impacts on radio.

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