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What is

Asymmetric Consumer Engagement?

Your audience is now used to paying for their high concept media to be advert free (Netflix, Prime, Apple TV, Disney +, Spotify Premium, Stitcher Premium). 

They increasingly only engage with traditional broadcast media during high profile events (sporting, cultural). These are dominated by massive brands who can effectively "buy the table" (Heineken 0.0% with F1).

Traditional advertising for this audience only works if marketers can use high concept media as the delivery mechanism for their advert. When that delivery mechanism is gone, then your audience will simply never come into contact with your message.


Your create the entertaining, high concept content that the audience want to see. 

This is the underlying philosophy behind ACE.

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For ACE to work, we need to follow a few simple rules... they may seem counter-intuitive, but they're there for a reason.

1/ Thou shalt not create a problem that your product is the solution to. This would be an infomercial. (How do you make the best ______ in the world? Just by adding our product!!)

​2/ Thou shalt not make a programme that is just about your product. This is also an infomercial. You shall be excused this rule if you make time machines/space rockets/dinosaurs. If not, the rule still applies. 


​​3/ Thou shalt not hide the fact that the purpose of this broadcast is to sell your product. This would be disrespecting the audience. People like entertainment, they dislike being misled.

​​4/ Thou shalt not simply put advert breaks within your ACE. This would be counterproductive, not to mention insane.   

​5/ Thou shalt not ever create a piece of ACE (or any media come to think about it) that you (or those you respect) wouldn't engage with. This is making the (dangerous) assumption that your audience values their time less than you value yours.

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