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At the start of 2019, we were tasked with creating a new Global identity for Bavaria's 0.0% pilsner. This identity had to speak to the world, as it was to form the base of all comms outside of Holland.


Bavaria is unique in the world of global brewers - it is still 100% independent and family owned. We combined this truth with the idea that you can enjoy a 0.0% beer and still go and do something amazing. 

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Derby Partnership

As part of the UK launch of the new identity and lines, we have partnered with Derby County Football Club, and have therefore become the first 0.0% beer to sponsor a Championship team. This has fostered a great relationship, and worked as a fantastic testbed for global rollout. 



The launch of the rebrand has been successful at raising brand and product awareness in the UK. Globally we are beginning roll-out to new and established markets. 


The campaign reached over 230,000 
targeted consumers over 5 months of experiential sampling. 


We covered 12 different events over the summer campaign. Sampling at Train stations, music festivals and food shows.


100% of the audience we engaged with said they were likely to tell their friends about the Bavaria brand and our 0.0% product. 


83% of the audience  said they would consider purchasing the product after sampling.

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